Words are my tools, the ones I learned to play with as a child, putting them together and taking apart, creating them in the tip of the pencil and tongue.

When I discovered circus, I learned a new language with words very different from ones I had known. I still keep on learning new words all the time, new ways of telling them, with my body and with the objects I play with.

Air has been my passion since I was a child. I used to climb to the highest treetops and spend hours observing the life from above. I guess it was a way to clear everything else out. Still is a land of wonders for me…To let my body speak on the surface of the tissue, being soft when it’s still, stiff under weight, stretchy when landing and tight in knots.

Photo by Joonas Purastie

Photo by Joonas Purastie

My belief is that when a person is given the chance to be on stage and speak up, then this role must be used wisely. My wish is to speak in topics that matter, to be an artist in the best meaning of the word, not only an entertainer.

As there is a lot to tell, I get involved with many projects and groups of people that carry a great importance for me. But whatever is the piece, I always stand for quality in technique, importance of the subject, constant self-development, good taste and great creation team.

To go through journeys of learning, to be able to share more in an honest way.

For some more practical information: curriculum vitae

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