DRÜAAD – Solo Performance

Drüaad takes the audience to the land of fairy tales, where trees dance along their habitants, where leaves offer nests and cover for the loneliest and where the hidden wonders become revealed. Inspired by stories of nymphs and dryads, it is a story for the believers of magic, big or small.


Duration: Depending on space 40 to 60 Minutes
Suitable for all ages
Can be played in light and/or darkness
The tree(s) should be first selected by the artist and confirmed by an arborist. Minimum 3 days of working on spot is required for bringing the performance to a new space.
Is possible in collaboration with local musicians or with the musicians seen in the trailer (Maimu Jõgeda and Hanna-Liis Lao from Estonia)

Drüaad at Festival Kometa in Latvia 2017