“I miss real people. On streets, in buses, in cafés. People, who look you in the eyes, seeing a whole world in you. People, who look at the world, seeing all of it’s colors. People, who look at the colors, loving each one of them.

Sometimes I just feel like screaming, taking a hold on a person on the street to shake off the mask of indifference. Why did you become so numb, neutral, empty? Why did thirst for life turn to dullness, love and anger to numbness, the ability to care disappeared? Maybe the rain will come and wash off the gray covering the eyes, dirt covering the heart.”

At one moment you’ve become old, without remembering, how did it happen. Years came, passed, disappeared. How long, if at all, did you grow? How long did you age?

Photo by Joonas Purastie

Photo by Joonas Purastie

“Confines” is a society- and therefore also self-critical piece, telling the story of a depleted young woman and her path of learning to accept and love oneself and the world, she’s living in. It is my first full-length solo-performance combining the technical part of circus with poetry and visual arts. Process of creating “Confines” started at Lahti Circus School when creating my graduation act.

The first work in progress will be performed at the Circus Tree Festival in Tallinn in August 2015.

Idea and creation: Grete Gross

“Homeles Moreles”


Two characters searching for a new home, a shelter, where to learn to manage the life’s struggles and each other. It is a simple story of everyday’s joys and problems: argues, agreements, disappointments, solutions and the little magical moments.

The show adapts with the environment, whether it is an outdoor rig, an interesting building or a different culture, something unique is created in each place. The show starts from an empty space and ends up to be turned to a funny little home. There’s just a short time to settle in and soon there’s time to give a warm welcome to the guests.

Homeles Moreles is a contemporary circus piece performed by artists Juha-Matti Eskelinen (FIN) and Grete Gross (EST). Show can be performed both indoors and outdoors, can also be played in parks, rigged to the trees. Suitable for all ages.

Idea and creation: Juha-Matti Eskelinen and Grete Gross

Duration of the show: 30′


Photo by Mikko Pirinen


Deep inside us, outside the reach of our senses, something is hidden. Something we don’t want anyone to find. What happens when three different people are forced to reveal their deepest fears and fantasies? 

 Three ordinary people with ordinary lives — some funny parts, some boring parts, something annoying and something hidden… No matter how hard Bernadette, Kärt and Gustav fight, InTime will start playing with them, take off the masks of joy, ignorance or strength, and show their real self to each other and to themselves.

“InTime” is a creation by group Mago, four graduates of Lahti Circus School — Amandine Doat (FR), Grete Gross (EST), Merle Freund (DE) and Otto Tammivaara (FIN).

Idea: Group Mago
On stage: Amandine Doat, Grete Gross, Otto Tammivaara

Age target: 12+
Duration of the show: 40′

Premiere: May 2015 at Kukko festival at Salpaus Circus Center in Lahti, Finland

“Viktor and the yellow globe” 

Every morning a Ministry employee is hurrying to work. Every morning he discovers that he`s job is redundant. Thus he falls into depression and alcoholism. Every night. In the morning he hurries off again, but in vain.
Every day the Sun rises and sets. The reduced employee meets the Sun only in his dreams.


Director and author of idea: Kaspar Jancis

Choreographer: Kaja Lindal
Technical realization: Eero Druus
Viktor (circus): Lizeth Valme, Ireen Peegel, Maarja Roolaht, Kaupo Pild, Grete Gross
Angels (music): Criminal Elephant

Premiere: August 2015 at ReReRiga festival in Latvia

“A handful of beings”

… is a circus show, which tells a story of seven loveable characters who are a little eccentric and weird. It’s a story how people influence each other, story of tolerance and self belief.

“Käputäis olemisi”

Idea: Grete Gross

Artists: Anna Kristin Peterson, Elyca Edovald, Maarja Roolaht, Liina Eller, Priit Peetris, Ireen Peegel, Lizeth Valme, Grete Gross

Length of performance: 45′

Premiere: June 2011 at Estonian Puppet Theatre in Tallinn, Estonia

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