InTime – group Mago

"InTime" Photo by Mikko Pirinen

Photo by Mikko Pirinen

Deep inside us, outside the reach of our senses, something is hidden. Something we don’t want anyone to find. What happens when three different people are forced to reveal their deepest fears and fantasies? 

 Three ordinary people with ordinary lives — some funny parts, some boring parts, something annoying and something hidden… No matter how hard Bernadette, Kärt and Gustav fight, InTime will start playing with them, take off the masks of joy, ignorance or strength, and show their real self to each other and to themselves.

“InTime” is a creation by group Mago, four graduates of Lahti Circus School — Amandine Doat (FR), Grete Gross (EST), Merle Freund (DE) and Otto Tammivaara (FIN).

Idea: Group Mago
On stage: Amandine Doat, Grete Gross, Otto Tammivaara

Age target: 12+
Duration of the show: 40′

Premiere: May 2015 at Kukko festival at Salpaus Circus Center in Lahti, Finland

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