Homeles Moreles – Grete and Juhis

Two characters searching for a new home, a shelter, where to learn to manage the life’s struggles and each other. It is a simple story of everyday’s joys and problems: argues, agreements, disappointments, solutions and the little magical moments.

photo by Maarja Roolaht

photo by Maarja Roolaht

The show adapts with the environment, whether it is an outdoor rig, an interesting building or a different culture, something unique is created in each place. The show starts from an empty space and ends up to be turned to a funny little home. There’s just a short time to settle in and soon there’s time to give a warm welcome to the guests.

Homeles Moreles is a contemporary circus piece performed by artists Juha-Matti Eskelinen (FIN) and Grete Gross (EST). Show can be performed both indoors and outdoors, can also be played in parks, rigged to the trees. Suitable for all ages.

Idea and creation: Juha-Matti Eskelinen and Grete Gross

Duration of the show: 30′

Age target: Suitable for all ages

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