ETERNAL DINNER – Big Wolf Company

Eternal Dinner is a comedy about two former stars, whose performing days might be left in the past but whose nature has stayed as dazzling as ever. Helmi (Lizeth Wolk) and Marta (Grete Gross) have for decades met at a dinner party, to travel to the heavenly garden of memories once more. Cause when the night is young and feeling is right – take a drink, have a laugh and spin the years behind around!

“Is eternal youth possible
only in picture albums,
where the magic of an artist’s youth so shimmers

Idea and creation / Grete Gross, Lizeth Wolk (EST) (Big Wolf Company founded in October 2015)

Premiere / March 2017 Von Krahl Theatre, Estonia

Duration / 50’ + a break

No dialogue, suitable for everyone



Aerial rigging minimum 6 meters high.

* The show is originally played as a dinner show. Serving drinks and snacks for intermission is recommended.

Travels with a group of three – two artists + technician.