ETERNAL DINNER – Big Wolf Company


Eternal Dinner is a comedy about two former stars, whos performing days might be left in the past but whos nature has stayed as dazzling as ever. Helmi Ulfberg (Lizeth Wolk) and Marta Ingenser (Grete Gross) have for decades met at a dinner party, to travel to the heavenly garden of memories once more.
This dinner for two is a gourmet course of eternity in which these two old ladies rediscover everything they have loved and hated about each other their entire lives. Marta and Helmi know one another so well, that there is nowhere to hide. And it is just the two of them now.


They are performers who have never had any stability in their lives. On the move constantly, forming close relationships only with their stage partners. Having a family is always postponed to a far future until there is no one to have it with… Until there is only that eternal stage partner left. Even your body is now not in any shape to live the only life it has known.

“Is eternal youth possible
only in picture albums,
where the magic of an artist’s youth so shimmers

On stage / Grete Gross, Lizeth Wolk (Big Wolf Company )
Choreography / Kaspar Jancis, Kaja Lindal
Light Design / Priidu Adlas
Art / Maarja Roolaht
Video / Rauno Viro
Graphic Design / Mathias Väärsi
Production / Grete Nellis

Duration of the show: 50′ (25+25 min)

No dialogue, suitable for everyone