INTIME – Group Mago

Photo by Mikko Pirinen

“InTime” (intime – intimate, French) is a contemporary circus performance, which through farce and the absurd researches the odd interactions and inner wishes of three people.
Travelling from teacups through circus, clownery and dance to the outskirts of the mind, InTime speaks of miscommunication, unanswered affection and the secrets of our inner worlds…the lines of reality are obscured, control over life slips from the hands and true wishes raise their heads.


International group Mago (mago – magic in Italian) came together in spring 2015 at the graduate class of Lahti Circus School with the wish to create high level circus performances.  Combining their technical skills with movement and story, Mago finds it’s own language to speak of what is necessary at the time.

The group is formed by dancer and aerial acrobat Amandine from France, a failed engineer and stand-up comedian Otto from Finland, a hopeless poet and cloudswinger Grete from Estonia.

Amandine Doat – Mantelissimo (aerial acrobatics)

Otto Tammivaara – Cyr-wheel (a metal wheel with diameter of 2m, object manipulation)

Grete Gross – Aerial hammock (aerial acrobatics)

The performance is wordless, meant for youngsters and adults.