Liquorice and lemons is a contemporary circus piece for street by duo Homeles Moreles. The performance shows a couple on a constant journey, every day side by side of another, going through the joys and sorrows of life. In whatever corner of the world they’d be, they need to survive with all that fits to their suitcase. Trying to manage each other with all the stupid and annoying sides, they still keep on going, one place at a time, filling streets with bits of joy, laughter and circus. Cause even after a bitter bite of liquorice or sour nosh of lemons, the taste in your mouth stays oh so sweet.

DSC_9251Homeles Moreles is a duo of Juha-Matti Eskelinen (FIN) and Grete Gross (EST). After graduating Lahti Circus School in May 2015, we started off with our first show at TaDaa street festival in June 2015. The newest piece is something that comes out when a chinese pole artist and aerial hammock artist meet and decide to do something completely with no rigging and minimum amount of gear.

Watch video of a work in progress

The performance can be played almost anywhere, outdoors, indoors, big space, small space. Suitable for all ages.

Show is available for kindergardens, schools etc.

Idea and creation: Juha-Matti Eskelinen and Grete Gross

Duration of the show: 25-30 min.