Life is full of little moments – sorrows, joys, jokes, disappointments, tears, laughter and so much more that we cannot put a finger on. The performance follows a couple through these moments of connection and loss of it between each other.

Because, even after a sour nosh of lemons or a bitter bite of liquorice, the taste in your mouth stays oh so sweet.

Duo Homeles Moreles was started in May 2015 with Juha-Matti Eskelinen/Juhis (Finland) after graduating from Lahti Circus School. The first performance was played in June 2015 at TaDaa Street Festival in Tallinn and since then we’ve been in creation as a duo and also in collaborations with various other performers.


Idea and creation / Juha-Matti Eskelinen (FIN) and Grete Gross

Outside eye / choreographer Agnese Vanaga (LT)

Premiere September 2017 Riga, in collaboration with Festival Re Riga and Riga Cirks.

Duration / 20’

Age target / Children at age 3-14, families with children. Suitable for schools and kindergardens,  can be arranged together with a 30 to 60 minute workshop of partner acrobatics.

No rigging, solid ground of 6×5 meters

Travels with a team of two.