ELINA – Street Solo

Elina is a woman who has had it all – the look, the money, the men, the luxury…until she realises she never had anything fully for herself. Deep inside her, as in every woman, lives the desire to sometimes just forget the rules and make her greatest fantasies come alive. Now it is time to take the lead of her life, to become an independent woman, fighting for her dreams. No matter what it takes and how silly it looks, she will keep her dignity and succeed.
“Elina” is a street comedy on aerial hammock and high heals, lead by champaigne, dreams and quite a bit of nuttiness.
Idea and creation: Grete Gross
Duration: 20-25 min (depending on location)
Performed at:
  • Circus Tree Festival (Tallinn, Estonia 2015)
  • New Circus Weekend (Vilnius,  Lithuania 2015)
  • TaDaa Street Festival (Tallinn, Estonia 2016)
  • Stockholm Street Festival (Sweden 2016)
  • Izmir International Fair (Turkey 2016)