CONFINES – Solo Performance

Confines is my first solo performance, started as graduation work at Lahti Circus School, continued researching after graduation in May 2015. The focus of the show is in combining aerial acrobatics and movement with visual art and poetry in order to share a story of a person in search for her true self.

Layer by layer, Confines peels off the sham, digs into the rotten debris and finds the greatest beauty suppressed to the shame. To see all the colours hidden so well, to hear all the words, whispered so still.



  • Sansusi Festival in Latvia  – August 2016. Followed by a special performance at the festival together with actress Ance Strazda (poetry) and musicians Eriks Krisfelds (cello) and Ventis Zilberts (piano).
  • Cirkus Cirkör LAB – November 2016, followed by work in progress.
  • Jatka 78  – February 2017, followed by work in progress presentation.

Premiere: 26th of February 2017 at Kumu Auditorium in Tallinn.


Idea and creation: Grete Gross

Light design: Marita Keskküla

Stage and visuals: Maarja Roolaht

Duration: approx. 40′

Age target: 12+

Upcoming performances:

26.5. – Sansusi Festival evening in Riga, Latvia. Performing with musicians Eriks Krisfelds (cello), Ventis Zilberts (piano) and actress Ance Strazda

1.6. – Tallinn Old Town Days at Katariina church, performing with Johan Randvere (on piano) and Johanna Randvere (on cello). TICKETS

31.8. – 3.9. – At.tension Festival#7 at Kulturkosmos, Germany