CONFINES – Solo Performance

Solo, which combines circus, visual art and poetry. “Confines” tells a story of the journey of learning to accept and love oneself. Layer by layer, it peels off the sham, digs into the rotten debris and finds the greatest beauty suppressed by the shame. To see all the colours hidden so well, to hear all the words, whispered so still.

The performance is about looking for oneself and battling with it on that journey. It’s imprisonment, then reaching such suppressed feelings as anger, shame and pain, and then accepting those feelings. Followed by tabula rasa, finding oneself at a beginning once more ja then finally covering the white canvas with all life’s colours.


Premiere / February 2017 Tallinn, Kumu auditorium.

Recommended age target / 10+

Duration / approx. 40’

Directed and performed by Grete Gross, accompanied by a pianist and cellist (various performers).

Residencies / Sansusi Festival, Cirkör LAB, Jatka 78

Nomination for Estonian Theatre Award 2016 in the category of United Performance Art.


Can be performed indoors or outdoors after sundown.

Aerial rigging minimum 5,5 meters high.

Travels with a team of four: the performer, two musicians and a light technician.